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For handrolls

Folie dispenser Coreless zwart 43 cm

Deze zwarte Coreless folie dispenser van 43 cm heeft een kokerdiameter van 50-76 mm en is een ergono..

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Foliedispenser FIXTOOLS® Chrome double bearings

FIX Tools® is a brand specially designed for stretch film rolls. We guarantee that this brand of m..

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Kunststof foliedispenser 2 delig

Handig hulpmiddel bij het gebruik van rekwikkelfolie.Goedkoop en praktisch in gebruik.De rode, kunst..

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Stretch film FIXTOOLS dispenser chrome single bearing

Bestseller in Europe. Very ergonomic en durable dispenser for handrolls stretch film. Neutral packed..

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A suitable dispenser / dispenser can always be found for our range of hand wrapping films. Do you wrap more than 2 pallets per day? Then go for the quality of the FIXtools film dispenser. Are you a small user of hand rolls stretch film? Then choose a simple plastic version or plastic caps. resellers and wholesale customers can request customized quotations for larger purchases.

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