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PE Plastic bags

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Afvalzakken 60 x 80 cm

Deze Afvalzakken va LDPE  staan bekend om zijn kwaliteit en lichte milieubelasting. Dit komt doordat..

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Afvalzakken 70 x 110 cm, 70 µ

PE-zakken worden vaak gebruikt als omverpakking ter bescherming van het product.De PE-zakken zijn o...

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Bin bags Grey/Black HDPE 60x80cm T23 - 500 pcs

Capacity 60 liters. Recycled HDPE. These well-known gray waste sacks or bin bags are made from rec..

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Container bin bags blue 250L T70 - 100 pcs per carton

65/25 x 140cm. Made from blue LDPE film. Extra large bags to hang in a Waste container. In this way ..

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Hemddraagtassen groot - 2.000 stuks

Deze sterke polyethyleen, wit-halftransparante hemdtassen zijn bijzonder laag geprijsd en dus ideaal..

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Hemddraagtassen klein - 2.000 stuks

Deze kleine, sterke halftransparante polyethyleen hemdtasjes zijn zeer geliefd bij markten, beurzen ..

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Hemddraagtassen medium - 2.000 stuks

Deze sterke, witte, halfdoorzichtige polyethyleen hemddraagtassen zijn zeer laag geprijsd en wat ze ..

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Shopper bags HDPE 30x20x60cm

Quality T18. Dimensions are Width x Gusset x Height. These very strong PE polyethylene carry bags ar..

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Shopper bags HDPE 30x20x60cm

Quality T20. Extra strong. Dimensions are Width x Gusset x Height. These very strong PE polyethylene..

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PE bags are often used as secondary packaging for protecting the product.PE bags are suitable for e.g. packaging, storing and sorting small parts, electronics, products that belong together, foodstuffs, clothing, and as a lining. The ideal solution for these products is a strip bag.

Larger PE bags can be used as lining for, among other things, tailor-made boxes, crates and drums. The bags are 100% recyclable and can also be re-used. PE is divided into two groups, namely Low Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE) and High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE).