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Covering film folded

Afdekfolie transparant regeneraat 6 x 50 meter 90 micron

Deze dikke LDPE T200 afdekfolie is ideaal voor het beschermen van producten al dan niet op pallets.A..

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Covering film T200 transparent 2x50m / 60µm

Type 200. Thick recycled PE film on a roll for general use in transport and building, painting etc...

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This strong LDPE (or HDPE) film is ideal for protecting your products both during transport and storage. Very good against moisture and dirt! Ideal, for instance, for in the building industry to temporarily cover floors during sawing or painting, but also to cover your furniture when moving. Because the film is available in large widths (even up to 6 metres!), it is the perfect solution for covering large items.

The film is delivered “folded” on the roll with no perforated edge. You can simply cut the film off the roll with a knife to the size required.

Of course, the film is available in black as well as transparent. Anti-static cover film is also available. This type prevents static discharge and hardly attracts any dust.

  • Available colours: transparent & black.
  • Available widths: 1m – 1.2m – 1.8m – 2m – 2.5m – 3m.
  • Available roll lengths: 50m - 100m - 180m - 500m.
  • Available thicknesses: 20 microns – 35 microns – 40 microns – 50 microns – 70 microns – 80 microns – 100 microns – 130 microns – 160 microns – 200 microns.

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